How to get attractive and bigger breasts naturally


Every woman wants to have attractive breasts on their chest to attract their boyfriends or husbands towards them. The breast is the most beautiful part of the women’s body that gives them an attractive look. Big breasts always catch our attention, therefore most women want to increase the size of their breasts for more attention as they are not happy about the size of their breast. We are hoping that you have done a lot of research on this topic and you already know that the best and fast way to increase the size of your breast is breast augmentation surgery. But are you ready for the cut on your breast o get a perfect look most of the women refused this to get bigger chest?

Do you have small size of breasts and looking to enlarge them for a beautiful look without going for surgery or harmful creams? If you didn’t want to go for surgery then what to do to increase the size of your breast naturally? There are some tips to increase the size of your breast without going for surgery and harmful creams. Although they will increase the size of your breasts dramatically they will help you to get bigger breast after some time. But the good news is that it doesn’t have any harmful effects and it will increase the breast size naturally. So, keep reading this article to get a bigger and beautiful breast on your chest.

Exercises for the enlargement of your breasts.

The best to increase the size of your breast naturally is by doing the correct exercise for your breast. The exercise will increase the size of your breast and also keep you healthy and strong. By doing the exercise you have to target your pectoral muscles and these muscles are relocated under your breast and on your breastbone. You have to do the following exercise once a day for the workout of your pectoral muscles.

1. Do planks to enlarge your breast

Planks are the best exercises for your whole body and it’s very good for the enlargement of your breast. You can do this exercise once a day it would be sufficient. Keep your hands by touching elbows and toes on the ground and keep your stomach up. At the start do this exercise for 1-2 minutes daily and after that increase the time as much as you can bear? It will help you to get bigger and large breasts and you will feel the difference within a couple of weeks. We are hoping it will help you to get bigger breasts.

Plank exercise video from YouTube Channel:@ Lauren Hefez

2. Do push-ups

Pushups are also very good exercise to get the bigger breast. It will help you stimulate the breast muscles to naturally enhance the size of your breast. Go to the plank position but this time only touch your palms and toes to the ground. Make your palms wider than your shoulder to get better and quick results. Then lift your back up straight with your whole body as in the plank position. Then start pushups and in start go for at least 5 sets and after that, you can increase the sets per day according to your stamina. This exercise will stimulate your breast muscles and help you to get bigger breasts.

How to do Pushups Video From YouTube Channel:@Glamrs

3. Go for wall press exercise

Wall press is another exercise that is very helpful in the growth of the breasts naturally. It will help you to get bigger breasts that will look beautiful. You should stand in front of the wall for this exercise. Keep your palms on the wall wider than your shoulders and stand out from the wall according to the distance of your palms that are touching the wall. Then slowly bend toward the wall but keep your body at the same place also keep your body straight. When your breast touch the wall stay at that position for 2-3 seconds then return back to the previous position. Do 4-6 sets once a day for better results. This will surely help you to enlarge the size of your breasts.

How to do a wall press Video from YouTube Channel:@Rehab My Patient

4. Chest press exercise to enlarge your breast naturally.

Chess press exercise is very effective for the growth of your breasts and helps you to get a bigger size of the breast and also strengthen your breast muscles. Lie on your back on the floor or any bench and hold a dumbbell in your hands it would be better to hold separate dumbbells in each hand. Life dumbbells up and it should be wider than your shoulders for better results. Lift dumbbells up and down slowly it will stretch your breast muscles and increase their growth naturally. Go for 10-15 sets daily and surely your breast will show results within a couple of weeks.

Chest Press video from YouTube Channel:@Jennifer Martin

Some foods that are good for breast enlargement

The food that we eat in our daily routine has a direct effect on our body and also has direct effects on breasts. If you have a routine to eat more junk food then it will show on your body and skin. If you eat the specific nutrients then it will help to maintain the health of your breasts. According to researches and studies, the women who have the lower level of estrogen also have smaller breasts sizes. Estrogen is the hormone produced by the body during puberty to develop the female reproductive system. It is also responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics like the development of breasts in females.


You can eat food that is rich in phytoestrogen or plant estrogen, that bare said to be good for the enhancement of breast size. You can eat Cashew, fennel, brown rice, sesame seeds, carrots, plums, white wine, oats, cucumber, and green tea as they are rich in phytoestrogen. You can also make your breasts look bigger by consuming Vitamin C that will help to restore the collagen. Collagen is a very useful protein that gives the breast a good shape and also tightens them.

Massage your breasts

You can increase the size of your breast by doing massage on daily basis. The massage will help in the circulation of your blood in your breasts and promote the overall health of your breasts. It will not only gives you the bigger size of breasts but also be good for breasts skin. The right way to massage your breast is to apply natural oils. Massage your breast at least for 10-15 minutes daily with but rub your breasts tightly. And don’t use creams for a massage that promises you to get bigger breasts after using their creams. The size will increase by using creams but it will not be long lasting and also harm the skin of your breasts.

Breast Massage Image

Wear a bra that is perfect for your breast size.

The bra has an important role in the size and shape of your breasts. The perfect size bra will allow the breasts to get the perfect shape and the size will also increase. I9f you wear the wrong bra for your size it will sag the breasts and may reduce the growth of your breasts. It is very important to wear the perfect size bra during your puberty because at that time the growth of the breasts is at its peak. So, it’s important to change your bra size timely to get the perfect breasts size.


Bottom line

You can get bigger breasts that suit your personality by following the above tips. These will help you to get bigger size breasts naturally. Big breasts are necessary for the good personality of women. It will enhance the beauty and makes you attractive. We have written this article to the best of our knowledge and after many articles but if you think we have missed something then please share your knowledge in the comment section to help women to get bigger breasts.

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